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...been listening to lots of vintage Bowie even!

Hey, I'm not here much anymore. Not that y'all aren't all fabulously entertaining, it's just I don't feel 'interaction'. I travel a lot (a LOT!) for work and I've been using more 'realtime-ish' connections to keep in touch with people.

I'm on BearBook as musklebear, but so far it just seems like it's a bunch of welcome messages
Bear411 as (you guessed it) "MuskleBear"
I'm on foursquare, but I forget how I'm signed up there.

blah blah blah
will try to post here someday.
Was just in Seattle, WA & Eugene, OR, Bay Area before that, Chicago before that, next weekend is Atlanta, weekend after is Beckley, WV, then the Bay Area again, the Chicago, then in my cubby's arms for about 12 days in Toronto. Whew!


Mar. 22nd, 2011 09:25 pm (UTC)
Put you into my facebook list - hope you visit this area eventually!