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OMG! This is SO Hilarious!

Check this guy out...it fully rules:


He's SUCH an asshole.
Ya know what?  I think if you got a nasty message from him, you GOTTA post it like a badge!

You are NO ONE until you've been insulted by this guy!
Go for it!



Dec. 4th, 2010 11:46 pm (UTC)
Here's a sample of his work:

"Bears and cubs are so much hotter than gymheads, if you spend that much time working out you are far too conceded for me"

...and people who can spell are much hotter than douchebags! LOL

"I'm going out to a club for the first time tonight. I don't socialize locally because I tend to get easily disgusted by people."

...not that anyone would ever be disgusted by you. I feel sorry for people that angry and pathetic.

"I don't ask anyone to agree with me I ask you to just listen then digest what you can."


"Its funny thats 2 people in the last week that have set their feeds to private because of me, I don't understand I am just HONEST!"

...'honest'...is that the new spelling of 'asshole'?

"Don't hate me because I am woofy, hate me because I am opinionated"

...how about if we just laugh at you?

"I am extremely attractive and give good head"

...and completely modest!

share your faves!